It's me. Hi!

It's me. Hi!
Just a gal keeping up with the mom hustle.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

We did a thing!!

We don’t get the opportunity to travel as husband and wife so when the opportunity presents itself goodness do we sprint for it! 

First we stocked the house with essentials for the weekend and kept in mind my daughter-in-law can throw down in the kitchen!! Fruits and vegetables cause my children surprisingly love that stuff followed by some easy cook meals like pizza, lasagna, chicken nuggets, hot pockets, pop tarts but also making sure I pick up some frozen chicken breast, chicken tenders, steak, and ground hamburger (remembering my girl can throw down in the kitchen). We also made sure to grab some ice pops, chips, cooks, milk, juice and bread for the here and there moments for the kids. When the stocking for the kids was done we headed over to our local Tractor Supply to stock up on dog food, horse feed, chicken feed, and hay. Yes, cause along with our 5 children that are under 18 years old we have an entire farm full of hunting dogs and chickens (eggs are expensive these days). 

So now we're driving home with a car full of essentials to last a week so when we get back home from our trip there's no need to run down to the store and stock up. We can just go home and relax. On the way home we stop off at our horse stable take our boy out while we clean out his stall, freshen up his bedding, clean out his water trough, set up his hay bag, and fill his feed bucket. Mind you doing this while he's bucking loose in the horse corral acting a fool. He's a silly old rodeo horse sometimes. We clean up head home and it becomes a family affair unloading the car and putting the groceries away where they belong and then unloading the dog food and extra horse supplies we got . Honestly I'd like to get another riding blanket for my boy to go under his saddle. Guess that'll wit till we get back. Well we unload put away, restock, throw away, and store what needs to be. 

Then the packing begins... I am famous for packing the night before and literally just tossing things into my bag praying that when I reach my final destination I'll have what I need. Can you tell I don't travel much. I haven't traveled enough to screw up to the point where I need to shop for things I should have known better to pack. BUT I knew that it was going to be cold. For reference Hawai'i is no where near mainland cold. Yes we have cold months but lucky it drops below 70 degrees. And from a previous experience we had in Vegas about a year back I've learned a few things 1) wear leggings under your jeans and 2) pack ahead...on that note I guess I have traveled enough to know how. So here's what I did this time around and I hope this helps those that just don't take it too seriously (its totally fine I'm not judging I was that and still maybe)

First, I've upgraded from a duffle bag to hardshell rolling suitcase. Yes those things I've laughed at people for having when traveling. Now I've joined that club and I have to admit no more breaking my neck carrying my duffle bag. It doesn't have to be fancy. We got ours from our local Ross' Dress for Less. But here's a set that will do you justice and cheaper than what I purchased my one 28"and 20" hardshell luggage. Having a large luggage for to carry check-in items and then the smaller as a carry one makes flying manageable and pain free. 

 Hardshell Luggage Set

2) I implemented the use of those travel organizer cubes. I use to only use them for my under garments which was really helpful. I mean seriously can you imagine getting pulled for a random bag check and having the inspector rummaging through your under garments. Eeeewww cringy!! This time around I used them for EVERYTHING. I packed my under garments, my day wear, my night wear, my pajamss, and even my shoes. Oh yes and don't forget the bathroom supplies. I put my liquids into a ziploc and then into a organizer cube it went. After packing it made my bag look so perfectly esthetic. Keep in mind what I did for myself I did for the husband as well and it made packing awesome and unpacking and finding what we needed when he started or ended our days at our final destination relaxing. This time around I wasn't too worried about forgetting anything at home. I also threw in a few dryer sheets to keep our clothes smelling fresh.

Luggage Organizer

Packing was done with nothing else much to do but clean up around the house and wash some towels. Packing doesn't have to be stressful if you're willing to give these two things a try. You'll find it's actually quite motivating. So give it a go on your next get away whether with your spouse, family or by yourself. You'll be happy you tried.

With that the daughter in-law arrived the following evening and we were out the following morning. Headed for Sacramento!!   

Stay tuned for my next review as I go over traveling must haves when coming for mom's.

Aloha a hui hou! (Good bye until we meet again!)

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

I've Made It! 

If you're reading this...I finally posted my first FO'REAL REAL BLOG POST!! Thank you!!

 I can't even put it into words the feeling running through my veins as I  started typing words to this post or how many times I went back to the top reading through my post editing. Hoping it will make sense and not make me sound hopelessly lost. It's that feeling of finally walking the walking, cutting out the B.S., stepping out your comfort zone, or that thing you've planned and planned and researched and researched and scheduled, rescheduled, and rescheduled finally being done. It feels amazing!

So if there's something you're struggling with and you want to get it done. Share it below. I want to help you. I want to motivate you. I want to be your sister in arms and support you any way I can emotionally.

For me personally, there are going to be some personal goals, task and meals posts that I'll be sharing as for how I get it done and attempt to keep it together, I mean that in the most kindest way. Cause honestly lets be real being a mom is no joke at times. My moto has been to, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst". There are things we prioritize that no one understands and maybe will never understand till they've become parent themselves. 

With that being "posted/ blogged", I hope you will find my blog here most entertaining and beneficial. I can't wait to share more as the days, weeks, months, seasons, time goes by.

So till next time, like they say here in Hawai'i,  a hui hou (Until we meet again)

~Mom to a Pack

We did a thing!!

We don’t get the opportunity to travel as husband and wife so when the opportunity presents itself goodness do we sprint for it!  First we s...